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First Emanuel Baptist Church has a powerful preaching ministry, an anointed teaching ministry, and gifted Christian education writers. We began writing curriculum for our Church several years ago with our youth bible study curriculum. Shortly thereafter, our adult Sunday School (now Church School) and Vacation Bible School curriculum emerged. In addition to our Christian education curriculum publications, we also have a quarterly newsletter – “Emanuel Echo.”

GOD-365 was inspired at the end of our church’s 40 day fastIn July 2009, Dr. Linda Fortenberry 2  blessed us as our Women’s Day Speaker. In her message, she shared with us the blessing her church experienced as a result a 40 day corporate fast. After reviewing the materialrecommended to us by Dr. Fortenberry, Pastor Southall, along with members of the Ministerial Staff, published a prayer and fasting journal specifically for a season of prayer and fasting God instructed First Emanuel to endure.  We prayed for our personal growth and sought God for a more intimate and personal relationship with God. In our last Season of prayer and fastingwe found ourselves thanking God for the experience and committing to continue this new found intimacy through our daily devotional and prayer period. We observed the great move of God in the First Emanuel Family and extended family of believers. Prayer journaling brought us to higher heights in our communication with God. GOD-365 continues that journey.
It is our prayer that GOD-365 evokes a greater intimacy and personal relationship with God our Father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit our comforter.
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Minister Marilyn M. Smith
Minister Sandra Cabrina Jenkins


1 October 21, 2009 – November 29, 2009
2Dr. Fortenberry serves as the Director of Christian Education at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Tallahassee, Florida.
3 Freeda Bowers, “Give Me 40 Days of Prayer, An Invitation for an Encounter with God,” Copyright © by Freeda Bowers, Second Edition 2007
The 40 day fast was broken into 4 seasons of 10 day increments: Season One – Preparation; Season Two – Positioning; Season  Three Perspective; and Season Four – Victory.
GOD-365, Copyright, 2009-2010 © First Emanuel Baptist Church Christian Education Publications